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सर्दियों किस प्रकार का भोजन हमें करना चाहिए, जो हमारी सेहत के ठीक रखें?

शीतकालीन ऋतू में हमे ऐसे खाद्य पदार्थ खाने चाहिए जो ठंड के दिनों में खाने में गर्माहट और आराम तो देते ही हों, लेकिन शरीर को आवश्यक पोषण भी प्रदान करते हों। सर्दियों में अदरक, तिल, घी, अलग अलग प्रकार के साग, मेवे, केसर, शहद, गुड़, खजूर, खस-खस, मौसमी फल सब्ज़ियां, लहसुन, अनेक प्रकार के दालें, दुग्ध पदार्थ (गर्म ), तुलसी इत्यादि का सेवन करना स्वास्थ के लिए अति लाभकारी होता है। सर्दियों में ऐसे खाद्य पदार्थ जिनकी प्रकृति ठंडी होती है (जैसे आइसक्रीम , कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स, कच्ची सब्ज़ियां इत्यादि ) उनसे बचना चाहिए। सर्दियों में अंडे-मांस के सेवन को भी बेहतरीन मन जाता है। चूँकि मैं स्वयं शाकाहारी हूँ इसीलिए मुझे इन खाद्य पदार्थों के बारे में कुछ खास जानकारी तो नहीं है, पर मैं यकीन से कह सकती हूँ कि शाकाहार में भी अनेकोनेक लाभकारी और पोषक तत्वों से भरपूर ढेर सारे खाद्य पदार्थ हैं जिनका सही तरह से सेवन कर के बेहद स्वस्थ जीवन जिया जा सकता है। उम्मीद करती हूँ आप सभी को यह जवाब पसंद आया होगा। (सर्दियाँ मेरा पसंदीदा मौसम है और मुझे गाजर के हलवे का साल भर इंतज़ार रहता है।)


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History Notes: 1857 Revolt For SSC CGL EXAM

General facts- PM of England – Palmerston Governor general – Lord Canning of India Emperor of India – Bahadur Sah Jafar Commander of Britishers –Campbell REASONS OF REVOLT A. Reason between 1757 – 1857 Wellesely – Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance Dallousive – Doctrine of lapse Revenue System- Exploitation of Peasents Education  → Modernity → Analysis Indian Industries → closed Rural Industries → closed Conversion into Christan Social interference → Sati, Slave, widow remarriage Act. Sepoy dissatisfaction B. Immediate Cause Use of rifle,  cartridges of this rifle were made from cow and pig fat.   Nature of Revolt Lorentz & Seele   :  Sepoy movement Reege                : Revolt against Christianity Homes                 : A war between cirilisation and anarchasim Taylor                  : Hindu – Muslim conspiracy Disraeli                  : National movement R. C. majumdar  : Neither first nor national and freedom struggle V. D. Sawarkar  : First war of Inde

International Static Awareness

The knowledge of Static Awareness is very important for all govt. Examinations whether it is SSC, Banking or UPSC.  The knowledge of Current Affairs and various important facts about different countries can also give you an upper hand in interviews and cracking General Awareness section. Recently China was in news as it  overtook eurozone as world's biggest bank system  and the  9th BRICS Summit is to be held in Xiamen city, China . United Kingdom was in news as it's parliament gave final approval for  Brexit bill  and; Oman and Nepal were in news for  Indo-Oman joint military exercise 'Al-Nagah-II'  and  Indo-Nepal joint military exercise  respectively. Generally the questions that you’ll face in examination will be from countries currently in news for various reasons, so it is important to be updated and revise facts about them.  Read further to brush your general knowledge about China, UK, Nepal, USA and Oman.  CHINA  China is a one-party state, with real power ly

Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge for Bank SSC Exams

The knowledge of Static Awareness is very important for all govt. Examinations whether it is SSC, Banking or UPSC.  The knowledge of Current Affairs and various important facts about different state can also give you an upper hand in interviews and cracking General Awareness section. Today, in brief, we will talk about the most populated state in country  i.e Uttar Pradesh.   Uttar Pradesh  is the rainbow land where the multi-hued Indian Culture has blossomed from times immemorial. Blessed with a veracity of geographical land and many cultural diversities, Uttar Pradesh, has been the area of activity of historical heroes like - Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira and Ashoka. Rich and tranquil expanses of meadows, perennial rivers, dense forests and fertile soil of Uttar Pradesh have contributed numerous golden chapters to the annals of Indian History. Dotted with various holy shrines and piligrim places, full of joyous festivals, it plays an important role in the politics, education, cul

SBI PO Salary and Other Benefits

Well this post will obviously give you some motivation to work hard for your goal. Ultimately everyone is working to earn their bread and butter and no one would mind to have a dessert by the end of the day. SBI is known for its perks and benefits and I am sure it is something that everyone of you would like to have. SBI PO is most sought after job after RBI . Well definitely, SBI PO 2017 is going to change the life of some aspirants. In terms of  Social Status and Financial Status , SBI is going to give you an identity that anyone would like to have. We have received thousands of mail and queries regarding the salary of SBI PO. Well, the  salary of SBI PO  is more than the salary of other banks PO. In terms of various perks, SBI enables its employees with more financial stability. This post is dedicated to the salary components and growth path in SBI. Before we discuss the exact salary structure of SBI PO, we would like to share one more fact that it differs from place to place. The


SSC CGL 2017 Pre exam in scheduled in the month of June/July 2017. At SA, We are providing to you the NOTES ON GENERAL SCIENCE, these notes will help you build your basic understanding of all topics and you'll be able to score maximum marks in SSC CGL Pre exam. Study, Revise and Learn all these notes by heart.  MODERN PERIODIC TABLE ☞ VALENCY Valency may be defined as “the combining capacity of the atom of an element with atoms of other elements in order to acquire the stable configuration (i.e. 8 electron in valence shell. In some special cases it is 2 electrons).” ☞ ATOMIC SIZE It refers to the distance between the centre of nucleus of an isolated atom to its outermost shell containing electrons. The  atomic radius decreases on moving from left to right along a period . This is due to an increase in nuclear charge which tends to pull the electrons closer to the  nucleus and reduces the size of the atom. In a  group atomic size increases from top to bottom  due to increas

Important Ancient Books on Science and Medicine For SSC CGL EXAM

ATHARVAVEDA (1000 BCE)  Treatise on health, longevity, and curative treatment. Hygiene, dietetics, and beneficial effects of milk have also been elaborately dealt with. BHELA SAMHITA  (800 BCE) A codification of medicine scattered in the Vedas.   Atreya  is known as the writer of Bhela Samhita AGNIVESA SAMHITA (700 BCE)  A codification of medicine by Agnivesa (a disciple of Atreya - founder of Ayurveda).   KASHYAP SAMHITA (600 BCE)  Deals with paediatrics. CHIVARAVASTU (500 BCE)  Mentions the court physician of Bimbisara (King of Magadha) as a marvelous physician and surgeon. Describes difficult surgical operations e.g. opening of the brain and eye surgery.  HIPPOCRATIC OATH (460 TO 370 BCE)  Hippocrates is considered to be the father of western medicine. The Oath is thought to have been written by the Greek physician Hippocrates. In some medical colleges around the world this oath is taken by graduating doctors.  HUANGDI NEICHING (450 BCE)  The first book on medicine in China. 

Important Newspapers for Governments Exam

1.  Al-Ahram -  Egypt  2.  Izvestia -  Russia  3.  The Dawn -  Pakistan  4.  Daily News -  USA 5.  Daily Telegraph -  UK 6.  Aftonbladet -  Sweden  7.  The Daily Mirror -  UK 8.  The Times -  UK 9.  The Guardian -  UK 10.  New Statesman -  UK 11.  New York Times -  USA 12.  Pakistan Times -  Pakistan  13.  Pravda -  Russia  14.  People’s Daily -  China  15.  Merdeka -  Indonesia  16.  Le Monde -  France  17.  Wall Street Journal -  USA 18.  Clarin -  Argentina  19.  The Age -  Australia  20.  Gulf Daily News -  Bahrain  21.  Correio Braziliense -  Brazil  22.  Chronical-Herald -  Canada  23.  China Daily -  China  24.  Middle East times -  Egypt  25.  Courier International -  Germany  26.  The Jakarta Post -  Indonesia  27.  Tehran Times -  Iran  28.  Globes -  Israel  29.  La Repubblica -  Italy  30.  Asahi Shimbun -  Japan  31.  El Universal -  Mexico  32.  Gazeta Wyborcza -  Poland  33.  O’Independente -  Portugal  34.  Gulf Times -  Qatar  35 . Gaz

Important Sports Terminology For SSC CGL EXAM

Badminton-  Deuce, Smash, Drop ; Let , Game , Love , Double Fault. Baseball-   Pitcher , Strike , Diamond , Bunting , Home , Put Out. Boat Race -  Cox. Billiards -  Jigger , Break , Scratch , Cannons , Pot , Cue , In Baulk , In Off. Boxing - Jab , Hook , Punch , Knock-out , Upper cut , Kidney Punch. Bridge -  Revoke , Ruff , Dummy , Little Slam , Grand Slam , Trump , Diamonds , Tricks Chess -  Gambit , Checkmate , Stalemate , Check. Cricket -  L.B.W , Maiden over , tumped , Ashes , Hattrick  ,Leg Bye , Follow on , Googly , Gulley , Silly Point , Duck , Run , Drive , No ball , Cover point , Leg Spinner , Wicket Keeper , Pitch , Crease , Bowling , Leg-Break , Hit-Wicket , Bouncer , Stone-Walling. Crocquet -  Mallett , Hoops. Football -  Dribble , Off-Side , Penalty , Throw-in , Hat-Tick , Foul , Touch , Down , Drop Kick , Stopper. Golf -  Hole , Bogey , Put , Stymie , Caddie , Tee , Links , Putting the green. Hockey -  Bully , Hat-Trick , Short corner , Stricks , Striking Circ

SBI launches 'work from home' facility for Employees

Every bank aspirant wants job in SBI, why? Most of the people will say that it is the country's largest lender bank and provide high invisible perks Yes, this is very true and to continue this praxis in banking sector here  SBI comes up with one more immensely facility to enable its employees to work from home. Yes, you heard it right now if you are SBI employee you can work from home  using mobile devices to address any urgent requirement they may have. The lender will be using mobile computing technologies and shall have continuous control over all the enabled devices centrally to manage and secure the data and applications on the mobile devices. This initiative will help to save a lot of time and some urgent work will not suffer. This step will lead to huge employee satisfaction and also somehow ones can manage work-life balance. This is a motivation factor for all those who are working in this renowned organisation and also for those who wants to. So, all aspirants here you a

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