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What are the new methods of cyber fraud in the world of finance?

Today India's largest public sector bank has published some guidelines for internet frauds  and it is worth to share for our visitors too: ""Cyber-crimes are rampant In the financial world today. The digital mode of banking is used by people in every nook and corner of our country. While technology has empowered us significantly, it also reminds us of the old adage– “ With great power come great responsibilities. ” Search Engine (e.g. Google) – a new tool for fraudsters One of the key tools for the fraudsters these days is the “Search Engine.” This utility has become an essential part of our lives. Many of us do not think twice before reposing our total faith on the information provided by these search engines. Google allows users to edit contact details of any establishment such as Banks on Google map and Google search to make their services more useful for users. However, this facility is misused by cyber fraudsters . They change the contact details and related informat

What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

Today I see another straight forward but thoughtful post of Mr. Kumar Saurabh, a user of Quora. Here is the post: ""I stopped using facebook, whatsapp and instagram from August 2019. I was addicted to these social media. I stopped Masturbating. Every 90 of 100 young generation is addicted to masturbation. They dont know what are the harmful effect of uselessness masturbation. I stopped commenting on girls which i did a lot in my college times I stopped taking selfies unless it is important or compulsory. This is the last selfie i have taken on June 2019. I stopped arguing with anyone. Because there is no need of arguing with anyone who are not listening you. I stopped watching porn. I stopped wasting money. Edit- Thanks for viewing and giving more than 1k upvotes… If you guys need any kind of suggestions regarding life problems, motivations, love failures.. you can ping me…. Because the best teacher is your past experiences… and i have learnt a lot.""" Source

What are the best motivational pictures?

Hello Friends Today I found a wonderful motivational pics on the Internet. Here is a comic strip I really love - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Motivation :- Let you family and close ones be the best source of motivation for whatever you do. Nothing else really matters. ♥️♥️♥️ Source :Quora

What did you learn too late in life?

I am sharing here some of my experiences and some of the sayings of ‘The Great People’. Whatever you do – give it 100% of your efforts. Forgive and let go , forget completely. Read too much. Speak less , listen more. Save a portion of your earnings and avoid credit card debt. Change your thinking and mindset , change your life. Never ever stop learning and growing as a person. Never stuck on a point, try new things , have new experiences. Find a mentor and do what they're doing. Be kind to people; treat people as you would like to treat you. Be persistent. When knowledge and ability aren’t enough, be persistent. “Life is scary. Get used to it. There are no magical fixes. It’s all up to you. So get up off your keister, get out of here, and go start doin’ the work. Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.” Bob Kelso Smart girls like to hear they’re pretty, pretty girls like to hear that they’re smart. Happiness is a choice and everything else is a matter of perspective.

शेयर बाज़ार में मंदी (Bear Phase) के दौरान कौन सी गलतियां नहीं करनी चाहिए?

एक आम निवेशक की कहानी समझते हैं। एक निवेशक है ' राजू ' जिसने 100 से ज्यादा कंपनियों की बैलेंस शीट, प्रॉफिट लॉस स्टेटमेंट, कैशफ्लो स्टेटमेंट इत्यादि पढ़कर और समझकर कुछ 10 ऐसी कंपनियों का चयन किया जिन्हे वो लम्बी अवधि के लिए खरीद सके । उसने यह भी देख लिया की भारत के जाने माने बड़े बड़े निवेशकों ने और म्यूच्यूअल फंड्स ने भी उसके चयन किये हुए कंपनियों के शेयर खरीद रखे हैं। इस से उसका आत्मविश्वास और ज्यादा बढ़ गया है। अब राजू ने हर कंपनी के 1 लाख रुपये के शेयर खरीद लिए। कुल मिलाकर 10 कंपनियों में उसने 10 लाख रुपये निवेश कर दिए। अब वह शान्ति से बैठ गया की उसने 'लम्बी अवधि' के लिए निवेश कर दिया है और उम्मीद करता है की उसके निवेश पर वह अच्छे रिटर्न्स कमा लेगा। 1 साल तक सब सही हो रहा होता है, बाज़ार में तेज़ी चल रही है, सेंसेक्स बढ़ रहा है, उसके निवेश किये हुए 10 कंपनियों में से 6–7 कंपनियां भी अच्छा मुनाफा दे रहे हैं। राजू बहुत खुश है। लेकिन अगले साल शुरू होती है 'मंदी' । राजू को लगता है की यह छोटा मोटा करेक्शन है। राजू अपनी पढ़ी हुयी किताबों (द इंटेलीजेंट इन्वेस्टर) की बातें द

What are some of life’s greatest ironies?

A pair of shoes typically costs 600–1,000 INR, but its place is below the feet. A bindi (colored dot worn by Indian women) costs 1 INR, but it is worn on the forehead. Salt may not be sweet, but it has never attracted insects. Sugar, no matter how sweet it is, does. She uses her body to get the money. She uses her money to get the body. We light candle in the memory of someone who has passed away. We put off candle to celebrate our birthday. Wine sellers never come to us to sell wine. Milkman comes to our home to sell milk. Shoes are sold in air-conditioned stores. Food is sold on the roadside. You don’t like white hair, but you like white skin. You like black hair, but you dislike black skin. Aren’t they looking gorgeous together? He runs for his stomach. He too runs for his stomach. This is your necessity. But, the same thing is their luxury. This is a light hearted answer based on few of my observations. Readers are requested to please refrain from generalisation. Source : Quora (Sa

What is something that only the 1% richest people understand that the rest of us don't?

Elon Musk Learned About space and Aeronautics from the Books. Bill Gates reads a book in a week. Warren Buffet invests 80% time in reading daily. Mark Zuckerberg invests his free time in reading. What is something that only the 1% richest people understand that the rest of us don't? The 1% Rich People knows that Knowledge is Power the More you acquire the knowledge the richer you become. Source : Quora

What are fine ideas for wasting our time?

Only backbiting without doing any productive Criticisms without filtering yourself Shouting only saying that degree isn't necessary in life, learning matter; But never try to learn something new Watching BIGBOSS, T20 cricket match, Pro Kabaddi league, ISL etc. Making relationships unnecessarily Just walking in the name of jogging Negative thinking Driving in city traffic jam Coffee in CCD, you waste both time and money Giving unnecessary advices to others

What are sad facts of life

Girls like the Bad Boys Yes, if you think that girls like the nice guys, the too much caring guys, the guys who are always available for them, then you are so much wrong. Now, the thing is that, bad boys have a certain vibe about them that the girls are attracted to, this does not mean that they like the wrong things that these guys do, but rather, they love the energy these guys have. Energy of Power, dominance, confidence, certainty. 2. Nobody Cares about your problems If you think that by sharing your hardships with the world, people will understand you or do something for you, then my friend you are highly mistaken. Literally, nobody except your parents, care about you or your problems, and some actually use your problems against you. Only you can solve your own problems, don’t seek the help of outside world. 3. You’ll face deep pain Nobody can truly grow as an individual without suffering most devastating pain. It can be a bad break up, trauma, loss of closed ones, business failu

अंतर्मुखी इंसान किसे कहते हैं?

अंतर्मुखी लोग कम बोलते हैं, उनके दोस्त भी चुनिंदा होते हैं, कभी-कभी वे तुनक मिजाज, कभी शर्मीले और कभी असामाजिक भी होते हैं। कभी वे अपने मन की बात को दूसरों के सामने आसानी से नहीं रख पाते, तो कभी औरों से बेहतर तरीके से समझाते हैं। वे असानी से किसी के साथ घुल मिल नहीं पाते, लेकिन उनके अंदर ही अपना एक संसार बसा होता है। इन सभी के बावजूद अंतर्मुखी लोगों में कुछ बातें बेहद खास होती हैं जो उन्हें दूसरों से अलग बनाती हैं। जानिए क्या हैं वे खास बातें - 1 खुद पर विश्वास - भले ही अंतर्मुखी लोग कम बोलते हैं, लेकिन उनमें आत्मविश्वास की कोई कमी नहीं होती। बल्कि उन्हें दूसरों की अपेक्षा खुद पर ज्यादा भरोसा होता है। वे अपने निर्णय के लिए दूसरों पर निर्भर नहीं होते और यही कारण है कि वे अच्छे या बुरे परिणाम के लिए किसी और को दोषी भी नहीं ठहराते। 2 खुद के साथ समय बिताना - वे अपनों से बहुत प्यार करते हैं, लेकिन अकेले समय बिताने में भी उन्हें कोई परेशानी नहीं होती। बल्कि ऐसे समय में भी वे समय का सदुपयोग करना अच्छी तरह से जानते हैं। कभी किताबों में मन बहलाकर तो कभी अपने पसंद की चीजें कर वे इस अकेलेपन का

हर्षद मेहता ने शेयर बाजार में किस तरह पैसा बनाया

एक समय था जब सेंसेक्स 1000 से ऊपर नहीं जा पाता था, जब कभी 1000 से ऊपर जाने की कोशिश करता तब कुछ शक्तिशाली लोग बड़े बड़े कंपनियों के शेयर बेचने लगते थे ताकि सेंसेक्स गिर जाए। हर्षद मेहता चाहते थे की जो कंपनी अच्छी हैं, उनके शेयर नहीं गिरने चाहिए। हर्षद मेहता ने भारत में फंडामेंटल एनालिसिस को लोकप्रिय किया । वह अपनी रिसर्च रिपोर्ट बनाते थे और लोग उन कंपनियों के शेयर खरीदते थे जिनके फंडामेंटल्स अच्छे हैं। लेकिन कुछ लोगों को मार्किट के गिरने से ही फायदा था तो अपने पैसे के बलबूते पर वह लोग उन कंपनियों के शेयर को इतना बेचते थे की शेयर की कीमत गिर जाए। फिर हर्षद मेहता ने पब्लिक सेक्टर बैंक UTI के चेयरमैन को भरोसे में लिया ताकि यह शक्तिशाली लोग जितना बेचें उस से ज्यादा हर्षद मेहता खरीद सकें और शेयर की कीमत कभी ना गिरे। भारत में कुछ ऐसे भी लोग थे जो चाहते थे की भारत की उन्नति हो। शेयर बाजार किसी भी देश की रीढ़ की हड्डी जैसी होती है जो मजबूत होनी चाहिए। कुछ बड़े उद्योगपति ने भी हर्षद मेहता का साथ दिया और पहली बार सेंसेक्स ने 1000 का लेवल तोड़ा, फिर 2000, 3000 करके आगे बढ़ता रहा। बाज़ार में मानो एक लहर

Why Modi Government is a Failure

Hello Friends Today I will talk about the failures of Modi Government: 1.This government is the most egoish party that they don't care about any protest and they simply ignore them aur called them deshdrohi. 2. Education Institutions are messed up: Students are busy in protest/Dharna than study 3. Government Institutions are messed up: We know what had happened in the last 5 years in Supreme Court, CBI, RBI etc. 4. Demonetization blunder: It was disastrous decision for indian economy as it took back India by 10 years. 5.GST: This government makes decisions without any pilot experiment for 2-3 months. GST is one of them. 6. Fake Hinduism: In constitution, India is secular country. You should make population control law, Uniform civil code nothing else. 7. Media is sold out: That's the saddest part of this government, whether you do wrong or right, media will always praise modi government but truth would be different. 8.Mob lynching: People are killing in name of cows. 9. Low GDP

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