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Players who played their last 50 overs ICC Cricket World Cup

Recently ICC Cricket World cup 2015 ended in Australia and Australian Cricket team won the World Cup 2015 by beating New Zealand in Final match. There are very cheerful moments in this world cup but their are sad moments too. We are talking about some tremendous players who will not be available to play another 50 over World Cup ever. These players are benchmark and inspiration for their team for long time but now they had to go :( But there are various moments where these players created history and steal the hearts of fans. Michael Clarke Kumar Sangakara Daniel Vettori Mahela Jayawardene Shahid Afridi Misbah-ul-haq Brendon Taylor Kyle Mills

AB De Villiers - A complete sportsperson

AB De Villiers-a name which is well enough for a cricket lover to say- "He is the best sportsperson in the sports cricket". His method of playing shots, finding gaps, playing unpredictable shots etc. are just well enough to say that he is undoubtedly the best player in the world . There are some points which shows why AB is best as person as well as batsman. Cool and Calm Personality  : AB De Villiers is one of the coolest person on the cricketing field. A fare bit of smile will always present on this wonderful right hand batsman. Whatever is the condition, this player will not show you anger and always play with his full potential and hard work. Despite of being a foreign player, AB always act as a handy player for his IPL team. He never showed poor performance for his IPL team for getting some bit of rest. He is now currently the best player of south african team and representing his country as a captain. In other players, Virat Kohli is good but he is short tempe

Cricket World Cup- Black & White movie to wonderful color movie

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is happening in the beautiful venues of Australia and New Zealand. People are enjoying this world like always but with a more exciting way because of lot of excitement in the matches. Cricket World Cup has changed in many ways from year 1975 to 2015, now there are some points which show the change in the scenario of Cricket World Cup : Uniform : From year 1975-1989, uniform in cricket was white and quite boring to look at. Cricket match on Lords At that time, people were enjoying the cricket but there was no scope for new viewers to distinguish between the teams as all the teams were wearing white uniforms so there was lack of charm in the cricket. But in year 1992, colorful uniforms were used first time and all the cricket fans were too happy to watch their cricketers in different colorful uniforms.

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