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Mobile commerce has grown with exceptional demand in last few months; the year 2013 has shown a fast and rapid acceleration towards the trend of "Online Shopping". According to Nielsen Global Online survey, about 85 % of the internet users are moving...

Always live for your health because health is wealth

Hello my name is Allstar, HR professional and business student. One of my passions is the study of human dynamics and relationships in the workplace. In this series "Live for your health! not your ego" we will delve into what it means to live for your...

Glenn Maxwell - A New big threat for bowlers

HELLO CRICKET FOLLOWERS, Today is the time for talking about one of the biggest threat in the shorter formats i.e Glenn maxwell. Today he is now one of the biggest hitter of a cricket ball against any time and he equally thrashes all the bowlers whether he is spinner or pacer. Maxwell was considered to be as minor till T20 world cup 2014 in Bangladesh but after the inning of 74(33) against Pakistan, he was considered as the biggest threat in the mind of the bowlers.In the latest matches of IPL-7 , he hit 80+ runs in very less balls with sixes smashing sixes here and there for Kings XI punjab.The quality of his batting is that he hit the balls very hard but in a very good strategic way.The basic attack area of maxwell is leg side where he can cross every limit of a cricket field. So this victorain player is pure entertainer in the International cricket and can be killer for any team on his day. Here is the video of Maxwell , how he hit a cricket ball.

Mayanti Langer or Stuart Binny , who is more hot google search topic

Hello friends, This post is just a fun purpose post as i have seen that during IPL season more traffic is coming to Cricket Jockey and due to one post of mine i.e Rare combination of Husband and wife . From Past few weeks,people are searching for Mayanti langer or Stuart binny's wife constantly.Its is quite jokey that people are interested in glamour of mayanti langer who is the wife of Indian Cricketer Stuart binny. For All those people i just want to introduce Mayanti langer-   Mayanti Langer  is an Indian TV sports journalist with ESPN. She is the daughter of Lt. General Sanjiv Langer who worked in UN and Mrs. Preminda Langer, an award winning teacher. She is the granddaughter of Lt.General Rajinder Nath Batra and Mrs. Priyo Batra. She is a BA(Hons) graduate from Hindu College, University of Delhi . She grew her interest in football when she was in USA as her father worked in UN. She was in her college football team in the beginning and then became a gu

Selfie Pic of All the captains of IPL-7

Hello guys, Here is the selfie pic of all the captains of IPL 7. The picture was taken by DD captain Kevin Peterson.

England Women cricketer Sarah Taylor new tattoo

Hello Friends, Here is the new pic of Cricketer Sarah Taylor's tattoo at middle of her stomach and back. This tattoo is too sexy and seductive.

IPL 7 Matches schedule

IPL-7 IS COMING !!!!!! CHALO BULAWA AAYA HAI  :) Here is the pic of the whole schedule :

6 Simple Security Measures for Your WordPress Blog

Security online is important for everyone, not just for WordPress bloggers. We all need to be very responsible and keep our sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands. Internet security is sometimes difficult and obtuse topic, particularly if you...

Mulayam Singh defends Rapists for getting muslim votes-dirty politics

Hello Friends, Yesterday, a well known Indian politician Mulayam Singh defends rapists of "Shakti mill" case where 3 accuse are from Muslim community. He said in his political rally in Hindi that - "Bechare teeno ladko ko faansi ho jayegi, ladke hai galati ho jaati hai,agar hamari sarkaar aayegi to hum bill me badlaaw layenge" Means- "Mercy, three young boys will be hanged :(  ,  Boys will be boys , mistakes can be happened by boys.If they come in governance,then they will change the bill of rape" I don't know why such type of comment came from a politician. We all know Mulayam singh yadav and his language skills but this is totally ridiculous as he is encouraging rapers to do more more rapes in the future.Here he was defending those boys because out of those accuses ,2-3 persons are from Muslim community and he just wanted to grab the Muslim votes in the upcoming elections. But he forgot that now media is also focusing on t

Why girls like to click their pics with their mobiles ?

Hello friends, There is another interesting topic in front of us that why girls like to click their pics with mobiles as they want do it or somebody deliberately takes their photo in hidden corner and then send it to them to post on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. As i have asked some girls why did girls do that: Some remain silent that is no answer or simply dumb girls. Some told that they don't like it and wanna keep things simple and more real. And some told that girls like their mobiles and wanna show how much money they spend and brand they got via their mobiles. So i got all types of answer but according to my post, third point is more preferable that girls like to take their snapshots with mobile for fun purpose and also want to show figure of their bodies and mobile's too :P . As a male perspective, girl with mobile make their pics more catchy, hot and appealing but as second point says it sometimes look like more unr

Wordpress tutorial course for newbie in the cyber world

Hello friends, Whenever we think about earning money online then the question arises in our mind that how to start it with full guide.There are various sources to learn all the things but all are segregated into different place.So how to begin the thing. The first thought comes in our mind of Website and the platform usually comes in our mind Wordpress as most of the website owner are using it (i am using blogger because i just know about it that time and created 100+ posts then i know about wordpress) But time doesn't come to you back,  so the question how to learn wordpress. You can simply download it at Here but how you will manage to earn money by it. There is one simple funda that- WITHOUT INVESTMENT THERE IS LESS CHANCE OF EARNING MONEY Here investment is not the purchasing any product for no reason but here you will get package of information in 1 bundle and make money online. WordPress Tutorial Videos Course Click Her

Why Yuvraj singh is blamed for India's defeat in ICC T20 final 2014 ?

Hello friends, As a true indian fan, i was very disappointed to see the defeat of Indian cricket team in T20 world cup final. Indian cricket team was playing like a true champion in whole tournament by winning all the league matches but lost in final against Sri lanka.Many of the cricket generalists were flately saying that Sri lanka didn't win the match but India lost this match. After analysing whole match,indian team was definitely 30 runs short in final.At one stage score was 111/2 in 16 overs and virat kohli was playing superbally but at the other end Yuvraj singh was very struggling to just touch the ball.It was yuvraj singh's contribution that in the crucial situation,he scored just 11 runs in 21 balls with 10 dot balls. There are some reasons for india's lose: 1.Slow start in powerplay as it was looked like that Indian team was taking lightly Sri lankan bowling attack. 2.Not sending in form Suresh Raina. 3.Suicidal performance of Yuvraj Singh. 4.Fa

Winning moment of Sri lankan team against India in T-20 Final

Hello friends, Sri Lanka won the T-20 world cup 0f 2014 hosted by Bangladesh. They defeated Indian cricket team by 6 wickets in the final. Here is the winning moment pics of team :

England women cricketer Danielle Wyatt tweet about virat kohli

Hello Friends, Recently after watching Indian batsman Virat Kohli's inning in semifinal match against South Africa, where he hit unbeaten 72 runs from 44 balls, the women England cricketer Danielle Wyatt wished to marry Virat kohli. Here is her tweet: Kholi marry me!!! — Danielle Wyatt (@Danni_Wyatt) April 4, 2014

How to add Twitter flying bird with your user name in your site

Hello Friends, Today i wanna tell you about how to add twitter flying bird with your desired username on your website. This is not very tough,you have to just copy and paste below code to your website.     Code: <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var twitterAccount = "your user name"; var tweetThisText = " <data:blog.pageTitle/> : <data:blog.url/> "; tripleflapInit(); </script> <span style="font-size:11px;position:absolute;"><a title='Blogger Widget by Way2blogging.Org' href="" target='_blank'>Blogger Widgets</a></span> Replace your user name by your desired user name. Thats all. It makes your website so running and attractive. Happy blogging.

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