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R.I.P Phillip hughes :(

Hello Friends, On 27th November 2014, Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes Died to major head injury caused by a rising bouncer in a regional cricket match. Ball struck directly on his neck and he felt exhausted at that time but in couple of minutes he felled down on the pitch and lost his consciousness which was never regained. It was such a disappointing moment in cricket and all the cricket fraternity are in really shock.They showed their condolences to phillip and his family. Phillip was at 63* not out when this unfortunate act happened to him.

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes death on Cricket Field

This is one of the biggest shocking news coming from the fields of Gentlemen game. Australian opening batsman Phillip hughes lost his life after a rising bouncer by Sean Abbott.The ball struck directly on his neck and he felt exhausted for some time. But in couple of minutes, he felled down on the pitch and lost his conciousness which was never regained. It was first time that any International player got died after a critical accident on the field. But time has gone now and Phillip is no more now.So we can just pray for him to rest his soul in peace. R.I.P PHILLIP HUGHES

How to remove white background of blog post in blogger

Hello Friends, Many times we see white background in our blog post of Blogger that look ugly if you post is having dark background. So how to remove it ?????

How to delete a video on Dailymotion website

Hello Friends, In this tutorial , I will tell about how to delete a Dailymotion Video from your dailymotion account. So watch and learn

How to delete Watched History of YouTube

Hello Friends, Whenever you search about different dirty things then sometimes it can be watched by your dear ones so how to remove or delete watched History of Youtube . Here is your tutorial

How to create a new YouTube Channel wth existing one YouTube Channel

Hello Friends, If you want many YouTube channels then this tutorial is for you. Here is a tutorial of how to create a new YouTube channel with your existing YouTube channel. So watch and learn the things

How to delete your YouTube Channel

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you how to delete your YouTube channel.Its a very simple video tutorial so that you can easily learn the things in minutes. Here is your tutorial

How to delete Google Plus page

Hello Friends, Here is the tutorial of deleting a Google Plus (+). Its a video tutorial , so watch and learn.

How to find user account control settings

Hello Friends, Today I have a tutorial for you regarding how to find your user control settings in your pc/laptop.Many times while installing any software, there are some problems of having in "user control". At that time your pc might get hang for while and it can be recovered by user control settings. But where to find it ?????? Here is a tutorial

Top 10 tips to boost up your system (pc/laptop) speed

Hello Friends, Today i am putting up some tips by which you can improve your pc/laptop speed.So do follow these steps: 1.Let your PC boot up completely before opening any applications. 2.Refresh the desktop after closing any application . This will remove any unused files from the RAM. 3.Do not set very large file size images as your wallpaper. Do not keep a wallpaper at all if your PC is low on RAM (less than 64 MB). 4.Do not clutter your Desktop with a lot of short cuts. Each  short cut on the desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM 5.Empty the recycle bin regularly. The files are not really deleted from your hard drive until you empty the recycle bin.

Google's New Feature for mobile devices-"Mobile Friendly"

Hello Friends, Recently Google has introduced a new feature i.e. "Mobile Friendly" for mobiles where a user can know whether a website is mobile friendly or not.

WhatsApp New Feature-"Blue colour mark tick"

Hello Friends, Recently Internet messaging application WhatsApp added a new feature i.e.; "Blue Mark Tick". By this feature, now we can know whether our message was read by receiver or not. Tick mark: Tick mark is nothing but the check mark ( ✔) which appears when a message is sent to someone on WhatsApp. Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here is what each one indicates:

Kim Kardashian’s entry in the Bigg Boss House

On 22 November 2014, Model,Actress Kim Kardashian will be on the biggest reality show of India "BIGG BOSS". This is the first visit of Kim in India and she will be entering in the house as a guest to meet the contestants.There is lot of fan following of Kim kardashian in all around the world .So

Dating Scenario in India

Hello Friends, Recently I have read an article about "Dating Scenario in India" on Quora . Its quite impressive article for Indian as well as non-Indians. Read it and learn it

5 Reasons behind many likes on facebook images

Hello Friends, We generally see many likes of your friend's picture on Facebook and we think what can be the reasons behind the likes. So here are some reasons behind those likes:

Rohit Sharma 264 Runs world Record against Sri Lanka

On 13 November 2014, Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma made a world record of 264 runs in an One-Day International match against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens,Kolkata.This is the highest run score made by any cricketer in One-day internationals. Rohit Sharma is also the only cricketer to score 2 double centuries in One-day Internationals.Previously he made 209 score against Australia in Jaipur. So now there are only three players to score Double century: Sachin Tendulkar against South Africa Virendra Sehwag against West Indies. Rohit Sharma against Australia and Sri Lanka Against Australia Against Sri Lanka

Healthy Children make your home joyful and living

Hello Friends, Today I am posting about the values of children in a house/home.Its no value if you have huge amount of money in your bank account but if you don't have children or little companions then your life will always be miss with happiness and joy. I am not married but I can feel that thing when my parents call me whenever i go anywhere.I know that its not the boundations but the love and worry they feel about us. Friends, this happens to all whether you are a boy/girl , parents are not going to end those questions about your life's problems and everything.They are real care-takers of your life than anyone.

Sachin Tendulkar never lies

Hello Friends, Everybody knows Sachin Tendulkar - The cricket icon of millennium. He is considered as one of the best sporting and loyal person in the World.Recently he wrote his autobiography book- "Playing it my way" and in this book he talked about former Australian cricket player Greg chappel who was coach of Indian cricket team in 2005-2007. In this book, he criticized the coaching of

Veteran Actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar dies at age of 64

On 3rd November 2014, Bollywood lost one of the finest actor of Indian cinema i.e., Sadashiv Amrapurakar. Well, Most of people will not recognize that person by his name but some thinking can help you out. 1. He played Govinda's manger role in movie "Coolie No.1". 2. He played Karishma Kapoor's father role in movie "Hum Sath Sath hain". 3. He also played award winning role in movie "Ardh Satya". 4. He played Ajay Devgan's father role in movie "Ishq". Now Mostly of you have image of that man in your mind. Here are some pics of that superb actor and one of my favorite in cine industry . 

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