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Is India facing the curse of its liberal nature

Hi friends,   Today i wanna talk about poor condition of Indian Economy.India has always been a very liberal country in the World which always stand with every country in the world for any help. Whenever there will be adverse condition for any country , India has always given some contribution to them to help them out.But now India is in great trouble ,economy is slowing down,Rupees is getting weaker and weaker.But now nobody wants to help India,even Pakistan doesn't want to export onions to India. I think India is facing the problem of its helping nature.Now India should understand that they should not become a liberal country anymore because everybody is selfish in this World and India must understand that fact.Now India has to become self dependent first like China and explore in this world with its immense human resources. India should smartly help those who help India to come out from adverse economy conditions.

Read Madras Cafe Movie Review

Hi Friends, Today its time to give review of John Abraham's starer new movie "MADRAS CAFE". This movie is the exception of regular/typical masala bollywood movies.This time John has brought a new idea of producing this kind of movie after "VICKY DONOR".Vicky Donor was also very hit in India starring Ayushman khurana.The Film is having the time of 90s which has some relationship of assassination of India's Prime minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi. ACTORS : John Abraham,Nargis Fakhari,Raashi Khanna,Piyush Pandey,Prakash Belwadi,Ajay Ratnam,Siddharth Basu,Dibaang(guest role). PRODUCER : John Abraham. DIRECTOR : Shoojit Sirkar CERTIFICATE : U/A DURATION : 130 minutes STORY : It is time of 80-90s when there was dispute between two communities in Sri lanka i.e., Sinhla and   tamil communities.To see the condition of neighbor country ,Research and analysis wing (RAW) head Robin Dutta ( Siddharth Basu) is in deep tension.Dutt

Gmail is not safe - google said

Friends, Today i have seen a report on News channel "Zee News" that gmail provided by Google is no longer safe. If you are sending an e-mail then google doesn't guarranty of your privacy.When you send your message to anyone via e-mail then it is read first by Google then it goes to the recepient.It totally attacks the privacy of the user and google totally admits that reading of the user's message is done by them from many years. Friends, this is the very critical issue with the privacy of the gmail user as our message can be of any type (personal,business related,bank,college related etc).As a user of gmail,i would like to do request to Google that please do not playwith the privacy of the user and do some immediate work.Because the google which always tries to create very hard rules for users is also doing serious crime.

Read Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobara Movie Review

Hi friends, Today,its time to give the review of Akshay's starer new movie "One upon a time in mumbai dobara".Famous director Ekta kapoor started her new film by getting inspiration of her previous hit film "Once upon a time in mumbai".In previous movie,the star were Ajay Devgan,Emraan Haashmi,Kangana Ranaut & Prachi Desai. This movie can said to be resume of previous movie. Actors : Akshay Kumar,Imraan khan,Sonakshi Sinha,Mahesh Manjrekar,Abhimanyu shekhar singh,Sonali Bendre,Mushtaq khan,Sophie Choudhary. Producers : Shobha Kapoor,Ekta Kapoor Director : Milan Lootheria Certificate : U/A Story : Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is turning back to mumbai against his enemy/rival Rawal (Mahesh Manjrekar) after 12 years.Shoaib was quite famous when he left mumbai 12 year back and now he tries to recapture his fame in mumbai underworld.Shoaib returns back to same slum where he started his crime journey.In this slum,his work

Happy Independence Day India

Today's date is 15 August and India is celebrating its Independence Day.India got its Independence day on 15 August 1947.From that day to today's date India has faced many difficulties but apart from that India continuously growing up day by day.In every sector, India has reached to its peak as it was never before.Although this growth is not said to be as worth full as other countries like China,Japan,Korea has got.India has to improve in certain sectors like biotechnology and health care.   I am pretty happy to enjoy this Independence Day and i am feeling very proud to be an Indian.I do not want to extend this post like Prime minister's speech but i just wish you all a great Independence day. JAI HIND  JAI BHARAT

Get your suitable work job at Freelancer

Friends, This is a post about a site which provides various types of paid work in which if you have certain type of knowledge then you can earn a lot of money without any headache. It is very important for every category of people,specially for students who have knowledge but not a way to earn money. One of the best thing of this site is that it has a lot of jobs categories that you can easily find your suitable job. Read more here

IIM colleges for admission through CAT

Friends, Today i would like to give you the names of total IIM colleges in which you can get admission by clearing CAT exam. ADMISSION PROCESS: Please note that each IIM shortlists candidates for second stage of selection which may be independent of each other. The process may include Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussions (GD) and Personal Interviews (PI).Performance in CAT examination is an important component in the admission process. IIMs may use previous academic performance of the candidates, relevant work experience and other similar inputs in short listing and ranking of candidates at various stages of the admission process. The processes, academic cut-offs and the weights allocated to the evaluation parameters may vary across IIMs. For more information you may refer the admissions policies of IIMs from their respective websites 1.IIM AHMEDABAD - Web- 2.IIM BANGLORE - Web- 3.IIM KOLK

Vote bank politics by Akhilesh yadav against Durga Shakti Nagpal - Who is responsible for the condition of Durga Shakti Nagpal

Hi friends, Recently a suspension was taken against an IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal by UP's government,lead by Mr.Akhilesh Yadav,son of former Cheif minister of Uttar Pradesh.According to news channel sources,the matter was of pulling down the wall of a mosque.The news also coming that Durga was taking action against "Ret mafia" of concerned region who are doing that work without any fear. Well,as a writer i can't do much more about this,as one social activitist of Dalit community was arrested for writing a post against UP government on Facebook.But i can reboost this issue against Akhilesh's government as they can't prove any of their blame against IAS officer Smt.Durga Shakti Nagpal.Akhilesh's government just playing a vote bank politics for getting the votes of Muslim community but they forget that India is not sleeping.Now news channel notes all the activities of these political parties and bring these issues to social networking sites wh

Why Indian Team don't need Sachin Tendulkar

Friends, Today indian cricket team is the hardest team to beat in international cricket and it has lots of talented players in the line-up.But friends,this picture was not present 7-8 years ago for indian cricket.On that time,team was totally dependent on players like Sachin Tendulkar,Sourav Ganguly,Rahul Dravid,VVS Laxman,Anil Kumble etc.If these players are not present in the team then it was easy to beat Indian team.Specially Sachin Tendulkar was the most impact player of the team at that time that people thought that if Sachin out then india team loose that match. But today things are totally changed.Today team india has enough talent that the players like Yuvraj Singh,Harbhajan Singh,Sehwag,Gautam gambhir,Zaheer Khan have not safe place in the team.Today's indian team is dependent on all the players of the team.They are playing well in all the departments (batting,bowling,fielding).Specially the selection criteria is also dependent on the fielding abilities of the player in to

Go to indian jails and get training to get jobs

Friends, Today's matter is about quite impressive work by Indian Jails.In the indian jails,the jail provides certain types of jobs and training to the prisoners that after completing their punishment,they can easily find the jobs outside. Jail management gives the work to the prisoners and they get money for it by which they can easily send it to their families.Recently , i have read a news that in a Jail of New Delhi,a separate fm radio channel will be established in which R.J will be the prisoners of the jail.For this purpose,approximately 35 prisoners will be trained for purpose of R.J training course by reputed radio channel's R.J's.This system encourages these prisoners/criminals to get a good job outside. I also appriciate the decision of Indian Jail management but it also puts a negative impression on the illiterate people of india as they can judge this decision as- Do crimes get jobs.Because getting these type of jobs and training is hard to get outside So

Review of Dynamic view template of Blogger

Friends, Today i want to share my experience on one of the template i.e.,dynamic view of Blogger powered by google. Dynamic view is one of the newest template of Blogger and Google is highly recommending this template for the bloggers but i just want to share that this template really needs some immediate improvement by which it can be adopted by more people. Some of the disadvantages of Dynamic views are: 1.It takes quite more time than other template of blogger. 2.Google adsense and other advertising network can't work in this template.If you have to show ads then you have to put ad code within the post. 3.Quite less graphic used in this template. 4.In mobile version specially in androids,this version totally fails.You can't read even a single post by using android mobiles. If you want to experience this in your mobile(android),Just click here . Some of the advantages of this template: 1.It gives different type of views within the template. 2.I

Read Chennai Express movie review- Shahrukh's new boring comedy movie

                         CHENNAI EXPRESS Hi friends, Today i want to talk about Shahrukh Khan's new movie " Chennai Express" and its ability to stand in the box office. On 9 August 2013,chennai express has been released in all over india.The film was quite get promoted by Shahrukh khan in various parts of india including  on tv programmes like "Comedy Nights with kapil'',"Madhubala","Indain idol","Jhalak Dikhla Jaa" etc.But according to various sources,chennai express will be famous for his great south location,rohit shetty's action style,weak script & shahrukh's over acting. ACTORS: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika padukone,Sathyaraj,Nikitan dheer, priymani,manoramma,kamini kaushal. PRODUCERS :Gauri Khan,Kareem Morani,Siddharth Roy Kapoor. STORY : The film is about Rahul(Shahrukh Khan) who is turning to age of 40 and still unmarried.He is living with his grandfather and grandmother

Crowd is increasing in Delhi Technological University admission

Friends, This post is related to my college Delhi Technological University formely known as Delhi College of Engineering. This post is about the amount of students increasing in the college.In the year 2013-2017 batch,the admissions in the college has reached up to 1700+ and it is increasing year by year from year 2009.In my time,the seats were around 1200.It is known that in when this college was known as DCE then there were only under 1000 seats available.But now the crowd is increasing and the campus which look like vacant and known for his peacefulness is now looking very crowd ful and noisy. I don't know why University is not arranging a fix seats for all time.I think,University should focus on the placement ,not on the increasing the students in the University.This can neither help the students nor University.By fixing the seat,it can create a landmark of the University. You can write your opinion also.

Will Tiger Shroff be the first Jackie Chan for India

Friends, Today i just want to talk little about the famous star's son Tiger Shroff and his capabilities as a future action hero of Bollywood.He is the son of "JACKIE SHROFF".He is doing his debut from the movie "Heropanti" directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwal.  According to many sources in the jungle of Internet websites,Tiger shroff is quite flexible from his body and he did his latest gymnast session with marvelous energy and lifts. If Indian audience accept this all in the cinemas then Tiger shroff can be the first Jackie Chan of the Bollywood Industry.According to me he should be promoted as a action hero in his films because his flexible body can inspire young generation and he can also give the tough competition to the existing stars of the Bollywood who just want to do only love-making films and does not think about to lift Bollywood to the next level. In my opinion if the Bollywood will have Tiger shroff like actors then t

DTU Placement 2013 begins with a Big Bang

On August 04,2013,Delhi  Technological  University (DTU),  has  made  an impressive start of its Campus Placements for the academic session 2013-14. The DTU academic  session  began  on 1st August and within  just  3  days,13  jobs  offers  have already  been  received  from  03  reputed  companies  which visited  the  University  so  far with the highest package of 28 Lakhs offered by Goldman Sachs and 21 Lakhs by Amazon. The companies which have already visited include Goldman Sachs, Amazon and Future first.   “DTU  has  already  booked  dates for  placements for  more  than  35  companies  till 10th September,  2013.The  campus placements  will continue  till  next  April  2014.The companies  for  which  the  dates  have  already  been  booked  include  Directi,Walmart,Microsoft,  Maruti,  Deloitte,  Adobe,  Samsung,  Cisco,  Mckinsey,  Oracle,  and  foreign companies  such  as  EPIC  of  America  which  offer  pay  package  ranging  from  Rs.  60  to Rs. 70 lacs”, informs

Why Indian Government is not caring of Biotechnology Sector as compare of other Engineering Stream

Friends, As a Student of Biotechnology,i would like to express my view about the worse condition of Biotechnology in India.I am doing my in Biotechnology in one of the prestigious college of India i.e., DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY , but even after i feel worry about my future because whenever i search on Google " Biotechnology in India",everyone flatly says- It has no scope in India. But I just want to ask why it has no scope in India as it has very much demand in the developed countries like USA,CHINA,GERMANY,CANADA and other Gulf countries etc. The main reason is that of very less scope in India since Govt. is not putting up money in this sector for research and development. If you are extremely good and extraordinary then you may have a chance.That is why people join MBA after doing Biotechnology in India which has very less connection in terms of studies. Note : There is no PSU for biotech graduates to join after graduation :(  I j

Dhoni adopted a pup : a big heart decision of a big player

Friends, We all know Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his capabilities at the cricket ground. But this time what he has done is not related to cricket field but this time,its a personal matter of this cricketer.Recently Dhoni has adopted a indian breed puppy and this news is revealed,when he posted her image on the twitter.He also said her calling name is "Leah" in English and "Liya" in Hindi. Adopted a rescued pup from Hope and Animal Trust Ranchi .v call her Leah in English and Liya in Hindi — Mahendra Singh Dhoni (@msdhoni) August 1, 2013 Dhoni has done many incredible work in his life and after this he also added some part.This pup is totally indian breed and thats a matter of proud. I just wanna salute MSD for this noble cause. (

Is it good to pretend himself always as a Superstar

Friends, This is a topic about some of the leading actors of Bollywood who always pretend themselves as a big Superstar.But actually,they are just using the credit of their previous hit films.Now their movies do not have a quality material and its just look like a total action masala. Some of the examples are Shahrukh Khan and Salmaan Khan.These two actors are having 40+ age but till now they only want to become actors of their movies.They do not want to do any supporting role for other films.One of the bad thing about them is that they always pretend them as a big Superstars of this globe. Salman khan does thing relatively lower than Shahrukh Khan,But Shahrukh Khan is just over-actor.He will always saying himself as "Superstar","Baadshah","King Khan" etc. etc. But i don't think he is actually a Big Superstar.His any film doesn't go to red carpet of Oscars and he did not get any film in the Hollywood.Its totally looking as a bad thin

हम सब एक थाली के चट्टे बट्टे है

नमस्ते दोस्तो ! आज का टाईटल है "हम सब एक थाली के चट्टे बट्टे है". अब आप सोच रहे होगे कि मै किस बारे मे बात कर रहा हू.थोडा सोचिये,याद आ जायेगा. जी हा,आप ठीक सोच रहे है, मै बात कर रहा हू अपने प्यारे नेताओ की जो हमारे लिये दिन-रात एक किये रह्ते है, मगर जनता के लिए कम और अपने लिए ज्यादा करते दिखते है. इस बात के लाखो सबूत होगे,पर मै यह पोस्ट कई दिनो तक जारी नही रख सकता. इसीलिए मै अपने भारतीय नेताओ के कुछ किस्से बयान करना चाह्ता हू,जो मेरी पोस्ट के टाईटल को यह रखने पर मुझे मजबूर कर रहे है! 1. सी.बी.आई. की स्वायत्ता : दोस्तो हम सभी जानते है कि सी.बी.आई. हमारे देश कि सबसे बडी न्यायिक संस्था है और अगर यह चाहे तो बहुत कुछ निबटा सकती देश से,मगर आज तक इसे सरकार के दायेरे मे रखा गया है और इसका मतलब है कि नेताओ के हाथो में ,यही वजह कि कई नेताओ के केस आज तक पडे हुए हैं. अगर CBI हरकत में आ जाए तो बहुत डंडा रुल सकता कुछ लोगो पर और बहुत से केस हाथो हाथ हल हो जाएंगे.  2. BCCI को RTI  में ना लाने में एकजुटता :  वेसे तो ये नेताजी आपस मे एक दूसरे के कपडे फा

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