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How to get good marks in POLITCAL SCIENCE

Friends, Here are the points by which you can very good marks in political science: 1.There are 10 questions of 1 mark, keep them answer in 20-25 words. 2. 2 marks question-40 words     4 marks question-100 words     6 marks question-150 words 3.Answer the 4 and 6 marks question in points because it saves time and make answer more manner full.   4.1question is based on map, so keep practice on with previous year sample papers and question papers. 5.In question paper, questions are             30% -easy             50%-average             20%-difficult  6.There are value based questions also , so keep look at sample papers. 7.Write the title of your answer and underline the main points. 8.Checkers also check your writing style too. 9. Time management                                     marks         time(minutes)                                         1                     10                                         2                   

How to get good marks in chemistry

Friends, Here are some points by which you can good marks in chemistry paper in board examination: 1.Just take look at NCERT quetions once. 2.In organic chemistry, focus on name reactions,comparative tests and IUPAC . 3.In physical chemistry, focus on rules,formulas and graphs. 4.In inorganic chemistry,focus on structure,oxidation state,chemical reaction and periodic table. 5.Now value based questions are also coming ,so keep track on sample papers also. 6.Underline the main points. 7.There are 8 questions of 1 mark so keep them answer in one or two lines and do it also for 2 marks and higher marks. 8.There are 10-12 numbers numerical , so try them .write even  formula,unit.So try them in anyway. 9.Don't forget to write the units in numericals. 10.Keep try conversion in organic chemistry. 

What are the facts that slow down your pc

FRIENDS, When you buy any pc/laptop/mobile phone , u always want to see it run fast and smoothly but after some time of usage its speed gets slow down.WHY? Here are the reasons: 1 Temporary files of windows and softwares should be deleted after the usage but they actually do not delete out from the system. 2.Accumulation of cache files during INTERNET usage.   3.Accumulation of pictures,wallpapers,music files. 4.Some websites store cookies in your system which consume high amount of data. 5 Files of softwares remains in the computer after uninstallation which should be deleted. 6.Attachment files of emails should be deleted after the use. 7.Delete the files from recycle bin which are not in use 8.many copies of one thing during copy paste.  

IF mind blanks out during exams

FRIENDS, Sometimes there are conditions arise when mind suddenly bank out or feel we do not know anything.So here are the points to get out that situation 1.Do not worry and drink 1 glass water and take a deep breath with closed eyes.

How to spend 24 hours before exams

Friends, We know the during board exams 24 hrs before exams is very crucial for students .They live in high voltage tension.Here are the points how to live that moment 1.During this time do not take more tension or do not do more studies. 2.Only revise those material which you have studied and do not read new. 3.Always take some entertainment to get refresh for the exams.

How to answer the question to get good marks

Friends, These are the points to get good marks to answer a question in the exams 1.Always use blue pen to write the whole paper. 2.Always spare two lines after answering any question.

Common mistakes by students during board exams

FRIENDS, Today i would like to tell you about various mistakes which students do during examination 1.They generally do not bring minimum two pens and geometry box. 2.They waste their time for answering others and it is risky also. 3.They prefer cheating materials for getting good marks but it can cause serious problem too if caught by teacher .

Top earning websites for your websites

FRIENDS, Today i will tell you about the website by which provide you cam publish advertisement on your website and make money . 1.The one is the Google adsense which is considered  as best in this field.But every best thing is having their rules and regulations to earn money. Google adsense is best but it is also very regulative in terms of its policies.

Rackspace Outsourcing - A Total scam

Hello FRIENDS, Today i will tell you about a scam website that make fool of people by ensuring them to earn online money .

What to do when lost DTC bus pass

Hello Friends Loosing something is always very bad and depressive. When i have lost my DTC Bus pass then i have to write this post for informing about the documents and procedure required in lost DTC bus pass.

How to hide your files in your memory card ?

Hello Friends, This is a simple technique to hide your files in your memory card without having a software for hiding them. STEPS:

How to get voter id card in india

Hello Friends, Today internet has become the essential part of  our lives that nobody wants to get offline BUT voter id card is that kind of thing that everybody wants it hand to hand and in less time.Offline procedure is long but online procedure is just few steps away from  you: STEPS: 1.Go to government official website :


Hello Friends, Many of us have dreams of making our own websites and have our own language in the cyber world and also have some knowledge of making websites but we don't know good domain registrar.Here are some top domain registrar by whom you can register your website:

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