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BCCI will select players for champions trophy on 4 May 2013

On 4 May 2013 , indian team got to be selected for champions trophy in England out of these 30 players: M.S.Dhoni Gautam gambhir Virat kohli Jalaj saxena Murali vijay Suresh raina Yuvraj singh Manoj tiwari Rohit sharma Shikhar dhawan Unmukt chand Anjikya rahane Ridhimaan saha Amit mishra Ambati rayudu Kedar jadhav Dinesh kartik R.ashwin Ravindra jadeja Parvez rasool Ishant sharma Bhuvneshwar kumar Ashok dinda Umesh yadav Mohammad shammi Irfaan pathan Vinay kumar Praveen kumar Ishwar pandey Siddharth kaul

Affiliate programs vs PPC programmes , which is better ?

Friends, Before constructing a website , we have a lot of interest in building a big website but after creating that website we just tell us what is the advantage of this website.Some people are happy to create a business website but people who are just use their website to earn money , what they should do ? Friends there are many ways to earn money: 1.Ist is the showing ads on your website by various web advertiser party like google adsense,chitika, kontera,infolinks,clicksor,adhitz etc. These all are top companies providing ads in your webpage but the main drawback is that you should have high traffic on your website. 2.IInd option is to join different affiiliate programs like linkshare,share a sale,flipkart,godaddy,clixgalore,jabong,infibeam,amazon etc. These affiliate programs provides you bonus after purchasing through their link via your website.This is the best alternative for low traffic websites also.

Fastest century,double century,triple century in the cricket history

Test Cricket Fastest century - Vivian Richards (56 balls) Fastest double century -Nathan Astle (153 balls) Fastest Triple century -Virendra Sehwag (278 balls) Fastest 400 -Brian Lara (582 balls) One day international Fastest century -Shahid Afridi (37 balls) Fastest double century -Virendra Sehwag (140 balls) T-20 international Fastest half century -Yuvraj Singh (12 balls) Fastest century -Richard levi (45 balls)

Why samsung galaxy is far better than iphone 5

Samsung launches its best smartphone Galaxy S4 in india.There were all eyes on this phone due to its challenging features against Iphone 5. Why its different ? Ans- Full HD super Amolad, Polycarbonate sleek body, 13 MP main camera & 2 MP front camera,2600 mAmp,1.6 GHz quadcore + 1.2 GHz quadcore,4.1 jelly bean OS,MRP-41,500Rs/-. Software: New features are added to camera that is you can take picture by both front and main camera at the same time, it directly relates there you can also see the picture clicker in the images. It is sensitive to both eyes and fingers. You can also erase the unwanted part from your image.

Is free sms app decreasing the craze of free messaging sites

Friends, Today i am gonna tell about our daily stuff i.e., sms.We love to do sms to our near one and dear one.We chose various plans for sms pack and do many things. Some years ago some of site like way2sms,160by2,,fullonsms etc. have provided the free sms to any number with only usage of your internet data not your phone balance.With this type of facility,people choose it for messaging for many years But Now some of free mobile sms app like whatsapp,hike,line,wechat are also using your data plan but you can send sms with ease or on the go.Hike is also offering free sms for their promotional offer to join hike by others.The basic requirement of these apps is that whoever has these app then he/she can get these sms (hike is something different).Due to these app , the college going students who r the most users of free sms websites are not using them because these apps are reducing the time of sending sms.

How to know the own number without help of other mobile

Friends, There are various situation arises where we don't know our mobile number. This is very rare to forget the mobile number but if you forget your number and want to know without the help of any other mobile,you should follow below numbers to dial to know that: Airtel: *121*9# Aircel: *888# Idea: *1# Vodafone: *777*0# Docomo: *580# BSNL: *1# Reliance: *1# Virgin: *1# Videocon: *1# Just check these numbers and see your number

A big thanx-Google + comments on blogger

Friends, Today i will tell you about a new feature introduced for all the bloggers i.e., google plus comments on blogger website. By this feature all the google+ users from every field can review the website and can comment also for further improvement of blog as in the form of feedback.

Poverty is not big deal, The big deal is illiteracy

Friends, Today i wanna talk about another big issue that is poverty and illiteracy. Here the question arises that is poverty is big or illiteracy?  Undoubtedly a literate person will go with answer illiteracy but an illiterate person will give answer that poverty is the big issue.Thats the reason he/she is an illiterate person. Friends poverty can be diminished by a well educated person because after getting lots of knowledge,he already has got the ability of calmness,patience and good thinking skills.He analyses everything with a very basic level and also prejudge the affect of any act with respect to future.He also gets the attention of other people with his skills. But on the hand an illiterate person always think with their duffer mind and react early without analyzing the affect of their with respect to future.They also get be fooled by other sharp persons.They easily believe on other person but never believe on their near one. Some of the good examples of

Aam aadmi party-A new hope

Friends, You all know for a common people,politics is just a dirty game to watch out.Many political parties promise people to fulfill their basic needs-Food,shelter,employment,electricity,water etc.But immediately after the election they vanishes from the lives of the public and start living in government giving flats,kothees and go anywhere in top red light ambassader car. I don't know why these people get- 1.Flats,Kothees for their residence even they have their own homes. 2.They travel in ambassader car without giving any maintaince cost like petrol etc.Some of the ministers use these car to bring their relative one from many places. 3.There is another indian rule that ministers and their relatives can go in flights for no charge. I don't know what is all that bullshit for these beggar politicians. But now in india , Aam Aadmi party can be a good alternative against all these corrupt politicians.The head of Aam Aadmi party is Mr.Arvind kejriwal,former IA

Is semester system is good or just a rush to complete syllabus

Friends, Today i m talking about a very serious topic about the educational life of college going students. In mostly of college there is applying semester system means there are 2 final exams of 2 semesters in 1 year with different subjects in each semester. In this semester system students have to give first mid sem ( 20 marks ) and then end sem ( 70 marks ) examination with a very fast speed. Government applied this rule to get extra knowledge among the students but as a student i feel that it is not a good system to deal with because it is not giving any extra knowledge to the students but it increases the extra burden to students to only complete the syllabus of each semester.Students can't participate in extra curricular activities except  in holidays and if they do they have to sacrifice they studies. In my opinion semester system in colleges is  just a roller coaster but my friends Education is not a Speed race game where we get many chance to win that race

Total Number of Societies in Delhi Technological University

Friends, These are total no. of socities in DTU: • Technical Societies 1. IEEE 2. SIAM 3. MACS 4. IET 5. CSI 6. SCEE 7. SITE 8. DEPTH 9. SAE 10. IIIE 11. IMech 12. SESI (Solar Energy Society of India) 13. SEE(Society of Environmental Engineers) 14. Society Of Software Engineering (SSE) 15. American Society Of Mechanical Engineerin (ASME) 16. International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) 17. Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) 18. Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) 19. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 20. Centre For Mentorship and Counseling at DTU(CMC) • Teams:- 21. MINI BAJA 22. ASV 23. PAMI(About to be a society) 24. Google Developer Group 25. Astronomy Club 26. Quiz Club 27. DCE Coders/Programmers 28. Society Of Robotics 29. UGV 30. IGV 31. SUPRA 32. SUPERMILEAGA 33. SOLARIS 34. Solar Splash DTU, SSD 35. UAS 36. AUV 37. DEFIANZ 38. CANSAT 39. Lunar Robotics 40. DTU Times 41. DWD Team • Non Tech Societies:-

Bad character of Sharrukh Khan

Friends, Today i will tell you about the misbehave of Sharrukh khan who says himself as "srk" and "king khan", blah,blah. But the actual character of sharrukh is quite unfriendly and misbehavic type. Examples: 1.In 2012 IPL season , he misbehaves with guard in the stadium after drinking some cheap alcohol and show his real character. 2.He misbehaves with Manoj kumar(film actor) by showing some act seen of manoj of his old films in the film "OM SHANTI OM".In the film he shows that manoj kumar can't get entry in film promo by the guard.This is the real shame for sharrukh because Manoj is the senior actor , you can copy his acting but in a respected way.

Best online shopping agents in India

Friends, In the world of fraud and duplicate materials , there is difficult to analyse who is selling good materials. For these kind of problems online shopping is very important option to use because they provide the geniuine material with warranty and also brings some of the big on many occasions.But before purchasing any product we have to analyse the company is trusted or not.For this purpose ,the criteria of choosing would be- *how old company it is *customer review Here i can suggest these online shopping sites: 1.Homeshop18: I will recommend this because as i have also purchased many items from it.They provide original material with proper delivery.They also provide gift coupons also for next purchases but they demand high rate to less the amount of next purchase by gift coupan. 2.Flipkart   This is also very recommended online shopping site.I have not purchased any item from it but my friends recommend this. 3.Star It is

Why IPL is harmful for us and our society

Friends, As Ipl is providing a lots of entertainment to you but it is also harmful for our society also: 1.It is blinding the young talents by focusing them only on the money part of it is attached to,now players see dream of playing in IPL rather than playing for National team. 2.It is such a long tournament that it ruins a lot of time of our precious time. 3.It is also responsible for home violence also because ladies of home always demands for seeing the daily but men are men ,they refuse to do it. 4.There is no tax on the IPL.Why? Thats the biggest reason. because it is organised in the environment of huge corruption. 5.Now it is also found in match fixing where three IPL players and owner of one team found in the match fixing of these ipl matches.

How to create a blogger website on internet

Friends, Today i will tell you about how to create a blogspot website on the internet.Here are the simple steps by which you can easily manufacture your blog: 1.Blogger website is just associated with your google account. 2.Go to search engine and search for blogger 3.There will be option for login with your google account 4.After login ,you are in the world of creating your number of blogs with your desire 5.After that you have to give certain title,description of your blog and minimum 1 post at that time 6.After the interval of 1 week if your material is good enough to crawl by search engine then it will be in the world Happy blogging :)

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