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सर्दियों किस प्रकार का भोजन हमें करना चाहिए, जो हमारी सेहत के ठीक रखें?

शीतकालीन ऋतू में हमे ऐसे खाद्य पदार्थ खाने चाहिए जो ठंड के दिनों में खाने में गर्माहट और आराम तो देते ही हों, लेकिन शरीर को आवश्यक पोषण भी प्रदान करते हों। सर्दियों में अदरक, तिल, घी, अलग अलग प्रकार के साग, मेवे, केसर, शहद, गुड़, खजूर, खस-खस, मौसमी फल सब्ज़ियां, लहसुन, अनेक प्रकार के दालें, दुग्ध पदार्थ (गर्म ), तुलसी इत्यादि का सेवन करना स्वास्थ के लिए अति लाभकारी होता है। सर्दियों में ऐसे खाद्य पदार्थ जिनकी प्रकृति ठंडी होती है (जैसे आइसक्रीम , कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स, कच्ची सब्ज़ियां इत्यादि ) उनसे बचना चाहिए। सर्दियों में अंडे-मांस के सेवन को भी बेहतरीन मन जाता है। चूँकि मैं स्वयं शाकाहारी हूँ इसीलिए मुझे इन खाद्य पदार्थों के बारे में कुछ खास जानकारी तो नहीं है, पर मैं यकीन से कह सकती हूँ कि शाकाहार में भी अनेकोनेक लाभकारी और पोषक तत्वों से भरपूर ढेर सारे खाद्य पदार्थ हैं जिनका सही तरह से सेवन कर के बेहद स्वस्थ जीवन जिया जा सकता है। उम्मीद करती हूँ आप सभी को यह जवाब पसंद आया होगा। (सर्दियाँ मेरा पसंदीदा मौसम है और मुझे गाजर के हलवे का साल भर इंतज़ार रहता है।)


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Google's new payment policies for Google Adsense account

Hello Friends, There are some changes in the payments policy of Google Adsense account. The changes are not too big but applied for getting a better Payment experience. When i was upgraded to their new policies then they say me some quote of lines. According to Google : " We’ve made some changes to improve our payments system, and your account has been included to benefit from these changes. Here's a summary of the required actions, changes and added benefits of the new payments processes: What's new? Redesigned "Payments" and "Payment settings" pages: “Payment summary” is now called “Transaction history". “Payment method” is now called “Form of payment”. “Unpaid finalized earnings” is now called “Current balance”. Redesigned transaction history table shows you the latest activities at the top. New toolbar support allows you to filter, print, export or download transaction information. Mo

Is Branding Dead for Private and Charter Schools?

In years past, school marketers focused a great deal of their resources on building their school’srand in their local community. Budgets were created and expended in pursuit of getting the school name and logo in as many venues as possible. Societal...

How many Ads can be placed on a webpage under Google Adsense account

Hello Friends, Today, i will tell you about how many ads can be placed on a webpage under Google adsense account.There are some policies of Google network to show ads on a webpage.  According latest Google policies, a publisher can show 3 Adsense for content ads, 2 search boxes and  3 link units on a single webpage which matches google's terms and policies. This includes a maximum of one 300x600 ad unit (or similar sized ad) per page. Adsense for content ad: Google search box:  Link Unit : Happy blogging :)

Kapil Dev at comedy nights with kapil with Kapil Sharma

Hello Friends, On 18th May 2014, Kapil Dev, the first world cup winning captain of Indian cricket team, came to one of the popular show in India Com edy nights with kapil . The show was on air on 18th of may so we called it that for his coming in CNWK. He came there with his wife and daughter. He just steal the show by his logical punches and jokes and make his presence superbly. Here is the exclusive pic of Kapil Dec with Kapil Sharma. Comedy nights with Kapil dev :) — Kapil Sharma (@KapilSharmaK9) May 18, 2014

What are the factors responsible for Narendra Modi's victory in 2014 elections

Hello Friends, On 16th May 2014, what happened in India ? Off-course 2014 elections results were out but what happened unique in the history of Indian Politics. Yes 2014 election was only 1 man show of BJP's PM candidate Narendra modi. BJP won 282 seats single handly in whole India with surpassing the magic number (272 seats) for making a stable government in India. But here a question arises how could all this happen for BJP as they have got the biggest victory of their whole political journey. There might be some reasons behind that : 1. Strong PM candidate : Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat and suddenly he became the most popular personality of BJP over some well reputed leaders like Lal krishna Advani, Sushma Swaraj,Jaswant Singh, Murli Manohar Joshi etc.BJP chief Rajnath singh elected Modi as Prime minister candidate and after that "Lahar of Modi" was started in India. 2. Weak Governess of Congress : The past governme

Join Points2cash and earn money via Points

Hello Friends, Today i am gonna talk about a another trusted money earning opportunity by internet. Now this time-its name is Points2shop About : is one of the largest online free reward programs. It's easy: You can earn points by filling out surveys, completing offers, playing games or doing other tasks, and then redeem your earned points for ANY Amazon product and much more! Company Overview : is one of the largest online free reward programs. We reward you with points for doing things that you're already doing: taking surveys, playing fun games and much more! Your earned points can be redeemed for any product at Amazon! Founded: 2007 Email:

Why Students are studying hard in India ?

Hello Friends, Today i am gonna talk about another proud issue for our country India that is our education. We all know how populated our country is and how much intelligent and hard working people of our country are but there are some reasons also for that hard work. These below points can be reason of India's hard work : 1 .Studying for survival : Thats the truth of our education system, here degree more matters than a actual performing talent. If you have degree of higher education then you may have chance to get good pay scale in India. In India, parents used to say to their children-"Kids, study high otherwise you will  not get a good job." These lines are very much truth as they already know the present condition of India and according to that they always motivate or sometimes taunt them for more higher studies. In India, there is less culture of motivating kids to their internal hobbies like sports,music and other outdoor adventurous

Why Family is the biggest happiness in the world

Hello friends, We live in 21st century where competition has reached at that level where nobody cares for you. The other people will look like that they are helping ,but eventually you notice that they are just doing time pass with you and want to spend their leisure time with you. At that time when you reached your home after facing your on or off day outside, you came to realize that your family specially your parents are the one who really care for your till their lives. Friends, happiness is not always present outside because it can be unfaithful  and you can't read the mind of others, what are they thinking about you or they take your voice seriously or not.Sometimes you came to realize that other buddy is making fun of your voice or using your secret for his work. So before telling everything about any sort of thing to your close friend/any other, you can consult it with your any close family member or parents because they are the one who will really take pa

Google's driverless car- A new exciting technology to get rid of human employment

Hello friends American multinational company Google has worked on autonomous car which can be drive without any driver. Now the discovery of Google is getting success as according to Reuters India - One of the driver less car has been tested in the streets of Mountain View, California, a small suburban community where the company maintains its headquarters roughly 35 miles South of San Francisco. Google's driver less cars rely on video cameras, radar sensors, lasers and a database of information collected from manually driven cars to help navigation, according to the company. Google's robotic cars have about $150,000 in equipment including a $70,000 LIDAR (laser radar) system.The range finder mounted on the top is a Velodyne 64-beam laser. This laser allows the vehicle to generate a detailed 3D map of its environment. The car then takes these generated maps and combines them with high-resolution maps of the world, producing different types of data models

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