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Documents required at the time of admission in Delhi University

Friends, Today I am posting some important points before going to admission in Delhi University: 1.If you get your name in cut-off then bring the original documents and their two set of photocopies.And also please self attest these photocopies. Some of the important documents are: 2.10th class certificate. 3.10th class marksheet. 4.12th class marksheet. 5.12th class certificate. 6.12th class provisional certificate. 7.character certificate. 8.Reserve category (SC,ST,) certificate.(if you are reserved category student) 9. OBC non-creamy layer certificate of candidate's name. 10.Migration certificate/Transfer certificate. 11.Bring minimum 3 passport size photos. 12.Before admission , check the course fee of the subject in which you are get admission.

Why young generation hate politics

Friends, We all live in front of many political parties which always try to grab each and every opportunity to collect their votes.If one party is present at the center then other opposing party will always try to be against at the almost each issue. In India also, the government is deeply drowned in the corruption and various types other anti-social things.If some thing is not favoring them then they will not pass their files to the Parliament.The most good example of this was LOKPAL bill which is still due in the government records. Why these bloody politicians are not passing the LOKPAL bill ? Because LOKPAL will solve all the pending cases in the minimum time and most of the politicians are culprits of these cases. These politicians always  try to find the issue where they have chances to get the votes from public.Even they were doing politics on the UTTRAKHAND TRAGEDY also. Its shameful to watch our politicians fight for the millage about the rescue operation in


Friends,   We always talk about nature and the ways to protect it But when it comes to do some work for our earth or environment, we always remain silent. Here the question arises that is earth really wants proper care from us ? The answer will always be   yes ,because friends if we are consuming the resources of the earth then its also our responsibility to keep it neat and clean or keep it as it is as god provides us   at the evolution of mankind.Nature provides us various kinds of   habitats like forests,deserts,oceans etc., where various types of living creatures are living and consuming the resources   of the earth . It has been seen that Global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now far exceed pre-industrial values determined from ice cores spanning many thousands of years .The global increases in carbon dioxide concentration are due primarily to fossil

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Fearless performance of Indian Cricket Team at ICC Champions Trophy 2013

This year last edition of ICC champions Trophy was presented by England and wales. Every team was having equal opportunity for winning this prestigious title.India was the most good team But England,South Africa, Australia were more favorites due to their track record in swinging and bouncy english pitches.India was not having a good track record at England and their previous big defeat at England was also the factor.India was also having problem with selection issue to keep Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir out & keep Rohit Sharma and Murali Vijay in. So all the circumstances were against the Indian Team. But what actually happened at park? Indian team thrashes all their critics with their dominant cricket from practice match to final match.India beat sri lanka & australia in their practice matches. In the Tournament:: 1.India beat South Africa by 26 runs 2.India beat West Indies by 8 wickets. 3.India beat Pakistan in another league match. Semifinal:India beat sri lanka by 7 wic

Is Hindi commentry showing the power of India in World Cricket

Espn,starsports,star cricket has recently decide to introduce Hindi commentry through out the match with separate channel.This is quite proudful for Hindi speaking nation like india. In the Hindi commentator panel ,the famous cricketers like Sourav ganguly,Kapil Dev,sunil gavaskar,Navjot Singh siddhu,Rameez Raja,waseem akram,Sanjay manjrekar,Harsha Bhogle etc.This whole panel present a marvelous match statistics and wonderful verbal talking specially Navjot Singh siddhu presents a very nice match commentry during the match with his comic and satire style which hold the audience through out the match. Espnstarsports did a good work to start that because now hindi speaking people don't need to hear the boring commentry of Doordarshan . Its a good move because it also shows how powerful indian cricket is and how important indian people are.

Why Honey Singh is popular among Indians

Friends, Today i am talking about a popular punjabian rapper Honey singh who is getting fame by his meaningful rapping and due to some his marvelous previous hit songs. Youngsters have enjoyed Honey singh's previous songs like: Blue Eyes Sunny sunny Angrezi beat Dope Shope Brown Rang Gabru Break up party Acchako macchako Lonely Party getting hot Haye mera dil Yaar bhatere High heels etc. These all songs are at their time were at top 5 for many months and in every marriage occasion ,some of these songs became quite popular on DJ.These songs are equally popular amongst youngster,children and ladies of  every generation. Honey Singh also conducts his shows in colleges due to this young generation knows him very well.Honey Singh was singing his songs for many year and was quite criticised for some of his totally erotic vulgur songs and vulgur words for ladies. But today Honey Singh is totally true Punjabian Rapper and has his own fame

Why indian students can not live lifestyle like americans

Friends, We all see Americans program and films and quite take inspiration from these shows and films.But when it comes to adopt this culture in India,it quite difficult.There might be some reasons of these: Boys and girl can't be a friend : This is not entirely true but up to maximum level it seems true in India,here the friendship between a boy and a girls always think to be a love relationship.Indians are very much restricted to such type of friendships.Here a boy can be a friend of boy and girl can be a friend of girl.A boy can be nearer to a girl if they are brother-sister,husband-wife,or relatives.(college-school life is exception)I am not against Indian culture but  i just telling about general feelings of an Indian. Sex :Here sex is just like taboo , nobody wants to talk about it and even parents and teachers also feel quite shy to share about it. Every youngster in India learn about sex by TV ,films,internet etc.And sometimes this type of knowledge

Why channel [V] is favorite of youngsters

Friends We all know channel v , a hindi channel mainly focus on youngsters and college going students.Its popularity is increasing day by day and its main viewers are youngsters.  The show which are presented on it are just marvelous.For all college going students,this is real medicine for them because by the shows it present , students can get many useful information,precautions,cure,latest fashion info,how to talk-walk & some serious matters also. Some of the shows like suvreen guggal,dil dosti dance,crazy stupid ishq,gumrah etc. are totally based on the youngsters and their related problems like love,affairs,relationahips. The main logo of channel v is also "BE YOUNG ".This channel totally 10 out of 10 for youngsters.I really say to all my young friends to see the shows specially Gumrah because its really a big show.Some of the shows like emotional atyachar,roadies,superdude etc. challenge it bu t channel v is channel v.

Facebook is just a virtual life for the people ,so use it with caution

Friends, Today we all know facebook and use it in our daily lives.We also know there is certain rules and regulation of age to join facebook but today a child less than age of 13 creates his facebook account to enjoy the stuff of this virtual social life. The users of facebook are increasing day by day and its popularity is also increasing also.It was started by Mark zuckerberg to connect the world on the same platform.Firstly he had created a dating site in his schooling for which he was later expelled from his institution.But friends that was his talent to create such a wonderful website(facebook) for the world ,and now he is a billionaire. But friends Mark created it for his survival in the world and he succeeded in this.Now he doesn't bother to think about its harmful effects for the society.He will only think about his profits and how to popularize facebook in the whole world . Today we can see many criminal cases are going on with the help of this social networki

Facebook hash tag #

Friends, We use twitter which is world known micro-blogging site.In the twitter there is a presence of hash tag (#) which is very useful to find out specific kind of information,news regarding which is written with hash tag for example #website. If you check this on twitter then you will see the latest updates,information of keyword website. By taking inspiration from twitter , now facebook is also started the hash tag service.Now people can use hash (#)tag also in their posts.But according to some geniuses it can be a part of business marketing of specific type of keyword on the facebook.It look like there can be presence of ads on these hash tags. But whatever it is ,it look like good for person like me.

How to remember the dates with phonetics code

Friends, we all know when we study the concept,we do not have requirement of cramming the things.But sometimes there is requirement of learning some historical dates and other type of numerical data then the question arises how to remember that. So this problem can be solved by using phonetics code: How to do that:                          Number                     code                              0                               s                               1                                t                              2                               n                              3                               m                              4                               r                              5                               L                               6                               g                              7                               k                              8                               v                    

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