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What are your 10 laws of manhood

Unlike women, men don't need kilos of make up to make themselves look more beautiful.
God made men in such a way that they don't need any artificial thing to change their look.
The amount of sweat they make by their hardwork is their make up. And it is more shinier.
Due to some biological reasons, men have more strength than women.
Use your strength in good deeds like life saving, bravery works, etc.
Don't use your strength in an improper way
like beating a woman. If you do your this foolishness may lead to a case of molestation. And your future will be Jai Ram Ji ki !
From Kamla Pasand to smoking and from drinking (ethyl alcohol) to girl, don't get addicted to anyone of them.
Biggest weakness of men are their addictions. Unlike women, who do addiction occasionally (exception - smartphone), men get addicted very easily and it becomes tough for them to overcome from this.
If any girl try to ignore your words, your actions and your love, just leave her. There is no need to waste your precious time on her.
Only your mother, sister, daughter and better-half are exceptions. You can't ignore them because they won't ignore you. They know your value in their life.
'Thank You' will always help you in your career. A simple 'Thank You' can make you a respectful person among every person you will meet.
'Sorry' is mostly used if you do any mistake but after your marriage, you have to use it most of the time without any reason.
Otherwise, your future drama queen will bring out the flood of tears in your house.
Your career and family should be your priority.
Love, friendship and temporary pleasure comes after that.
Love can't fulfill your needs but career can.
Ram and Ravan had equal strength, intelligence and knowledge. Ravan was even more expert in other skills.
But the reason of death of Ravana was his ego. His own brother went to opposite team and the rest is history.
Ego leads to lose of your well-wishers who know your secrets, weaknesses, strengths and every minute knowledge about you.
You become like people with whom you mostly live.
After your parents and siblings, you spend most of your time with your friends.
It is good to have 1 good friend who understands you, tell you about your faults and helps you to overcome from that than those 10+ friends who use you for their selflish deeds.
If you abuse anyone, you get abused but if you don't abuse, you get respect - My experience.
Don't use abusive words like BC, MC, etc. It doesn't look cool in the way some idiots think so.
Note - One of my classmate got thrashed by me who abused my friend in front of me. Beware!
Learn to respect others,
Learn to forgive others,
Learn to help others,
Learn to become a true soulmate,
Learn to be yourself!
Being a male is the matter of birth.
Being a man is the matter of age.
But, being a gentleman is the matter of choice.


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