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Books and Authors In News

1. India and China—A Thousand Years of Cultural Relations
—By Probodh Chandra Bagchi
2. Maqbool Fida Hussain
—By K. Bikram Singh
3. Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2008
—Sustaining Growth and Sharing Prosperity
4. The Audacity of Hope : Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
—By Barack Obama
5. Glimpses of Indian Agriculture
—By Macro and Micro Aspects; Edited by R. S. Deshpande, Vijai Paul Sharma, R.P.S. Malik, Brajesh Jha, S.A. Ansari

6. I shall Never Ask for Pardon
—A Memoir of Pandurang Khankhoje : Savitri Sawhney
7. The Morbid Age : Britain between the Wars
—By Richard Overy Allen Lane
8. The Crisis of Islamic Civilization
—By Ali A. Allawi
9. Open Veins of Latin America : Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
—By Eduardo Galeano
10. If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is Guide
—By Vijay Santhanam & Shyam Balasubramanium
11. The Ultimate Gift
—By Jim Stovall
12. The Miracle of Democracy : India’s Amazing Journey
—By T. S. Krishnamurthy
13. India’s Energy Security
—Edited by Ligia Noronha and Anant Sudarshan
14. The Judiciary and Governance in India
—By Madhav Godbole
15. The Tales of Beedle the Bard
—By J. K. Rowling
16. The Private Patient
—A novel by P. D. James Penguine
17. No Other World—Selected Poems
—By Kunwar Narain
18. The 24 ×7 Marriage : Smart Strategies For Good Beginnings
—By Dr. Vijay Nagaswami
19. The Idea of Justice
—By Dr. Amartya Sen
20. Arguments for a Better World : Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen
—By Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur
21. Globalisation and Development
—By Sundanda Sen
22. The Politics of Extremism in South Asia
—By Deepa M. Ollapally
23. Rising India and Indian Communities in East Asia
—Edited by K. Kesavapany, A. Mani and P. Ramasamy
24. The Three Trillion Dollar War : The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict
—By Joseph Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilms
25. Arjun Singh—Ek Sahayatri Itihas Ka
—By Ram Sharan Joshi
26. Politics of Inclusion—Caster, Minorities and Affirmative Action
—By Zoya Hasan
27. Bold Endeavors—How Our Government Built America, and Why It Must Rebuild Now
—By Felix Rohatyn
28. Imaging India—Ideas for a New Century
—Nandan Nilekani
29. Daughters of Shame
—By Jasvinder Sanghera Imprint Hodder, Gurgaon
30. Celebrating India : Reflections on Eminent Indian Muslims (1857–2007)
—By Meher Fatima Hussain
31. The Myth of Judicial Activism : Making Sense of Supreme Court Decisions
—Kermit Roosevelt III
32. EU-India Relations
—A Critique : Edited by Shazia Aziz Wulbers
33. The Age of the Unthinkable : Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises us and What we can do About It
—By Joshua Cooper Rawa
34. Macroeconomics of Post-Reforms India, Vol. I Money and Finance in the Indian Economy, Vol. II
—By Mihir Rakshit
35. Out of Steppe : The Lost People of Central Asia
—By Daniel Metcalfe
36. The Winter Vault
—By Anne Michaels Knopf
37. Democracy and Human Development in India
—By Naresh Gupta
38. Lords of Finance : 1929, The Great Depression and The Bankers Who Broke the World
—By Liaquat Ahmed
39. Accelerating Growth and Job Creation in South Asia
—Edited by Ejaz Ghani and Sadiq Ahmed
40. India and Pakistan—Social, Political and Military Perspective
—By Rajkumar Singh
41. Kissinger : 1973, The Crucial Year
—By Alistair Home, Simon and Schuster
42. The Great Divide
—Edited by Ira Pande Harper Collins
43. Taliban : Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamen-talism in Central Asia
—By Ahmed Rashid
44. India and the Global Financial Crisis
—Y. V. Reddy

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Facts about Daman & Diu

Daman and Diu. Union Territory of Daman and Diu comprises two districts namely Daman and Diu. Both Districts are situated on western coast of India at a distance of about 700 kms. Daman is the head Quarter of this U.T. Daman is on main land near southern portion of Gujarat State. Vapi is the nearest Railway Station (13 kms) which is on Western Railway between Mumbai and Surat. Vapi is 167 kms from Mumbai Central and 95 kms from Surat.

GK Update 1 July 2016

1. Suresh Prabhu launches NIVARAN portal i. Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Minister of Railways  has launched "NIVARAN portal", an online system for redressal of service related grievance of serving and former railway employees.  ii. Nivaran portal is an online system that seeks to facilitate the employees to lodge their grievances and also monitor the progress. iii. It has been developed by CRIS (Centre for Railway information systems), an IT arm of Indian Railways on basis of process designed by Establishment directorate of Railway Board. 2. Indigenously built Tejas inducted into IAF i. The Indian Air Force (IAF) inducted the first squadron of the indigenously made Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas into its fleet.  ii. An induction ceremony to induct two Tejas aircrafts was held at the Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) in Bengaluru, which included a multi religious prayer. iii. The crew members of the first squadron of Tejas, a multi-role supersonic single


On 16th January 2015, New year will be super thrilling as Bipasha Basu is coming with her new movie "Alone" which looks another superb horror movie of Bollywood . Alone Movie Poster The trailer has come out and looking very scary and wonderful and by the trailer it looks like that the movie is based on two sisters who are joint with their bodies but after a operation one of them died and turn into evil.

What are some rules in Corporate life?

1. Always loop your boss in every mail 2. Politics is everywhere, learn to navigate it 3. Always aim to complete YOUR WORK by a 180%, that way it will be more than a 110% and your boss can’t question you. 4. There is always time at office, use it to upgrade your skills and to plan effectively 5. Network Network Network, who knows your office janitor might lead you to your next job 6. Please everyone around you 7. Learn to say NO, when situation demands 8. Treat the office boy, janitor and IT guy and every one with respect, they might help you in ways you can never imagine 9. Smile, and know people 10. Dress impeccably, over dress when in doubt 11. Documentation is King 12. Practice empathy and respond, never react. 13. Practice patience and learn to listen 14. Requesting for help is one sure shot way to connect with people. 15. Do not speak more than necessary 16. Always enter and leave on time 17. Learn from everyone

Sonia Gandhi is true foreigner

Hello Friends, Today's topic is slightly my personal view not a group view and this is about our Italian political leader Smt.Sonia Gandhi who always claim her to be a true Indian. But i really don't agree with her mentality because she is only wife of Mr. Rajeev Gandhi ,thats all.If she really trust indian people then why she always did her medical check up in United States of America. Are Indian doctors are not well qualified to do her medical check up ? Thats why i really hate Sonia gandhi's attitude as she doesn't trust highly qualified doctors of India.I really doubt on her as she doesn't trust educated doctors then how we believe that she will complete her promises for illiterate people of India. This totally signifies that she just forwarding Congress party for the future of her family and their children.Sonia doesn't know any ABCD about politics and her son Rahul is also same as Rajeev Gandhi was.Our honorable Prime minister Smt. Indi

Top 10 Athletes of the year 2014

Athletes are always been in most searched term of Google search and in year 2014 also, some athletes also won the heart of people all around the world . This list includes mostly Football players and formula 1 players. So today I am posting the Top searched player in year 2014 : James Rodriguez

Is it good to fool people in name of God

Hello friends, Today i have come with another question in my mind i.e "Is it good to fool people in name of God ?". Recently a case on a saint Asaram has shocked all the people of India and foreign also ,that how a old man can do sexual assault of his grand daughter looking like child.At this time , this saint is behind the jail and facing a huge shame in front of  world. But after hearing all this type of news,i am always thinking that why people always follow such illiterate and inappropriate person who is just playing with your sisters/mothers/daughters and also earning for that. You will be shocked after hearing some of the facts of this ASARAM :   1. In early 1970, Asaram built his first ashram on 4 ha (10 acres) of land in Gujarat and began using the name Asaram Bapu. Presently, there are over 400 major and minor ashrams in India and abroad and numerous followers. 2. He preaches the existence of One Supreme Conscious and claims B

Chetan Bhagat launched his new book "Half girlfriend"

Hello Friends, Recently Famous Indian Writer Chetan Bhagat Launched his new book "Half Girlfriend" on 5 August 2014. This book is about two main characters Madhav and Riya. By the teaser, it looks like a story of a couple in which Madhav can't speak English well but want a relationship with Riya. Here is the look of the poster of this new book:


● British Governor-Genera l : Warren Hastings ● British Governor-Genera l of Independent India : Lord Mountbatten ● Justice of India : Hiralal J. Kania ● Comander-in-Chi ef of Free India : General K. M. Cariappa ● Chief of Air Staff : Air Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhirst ● Indian Air Chief : Air Marshal S. Mukherjee ● Chief of Army Staff : General M. Rajendra Singh ● Chief of Naval Staff : Vice-Admiral R. D. Katari ● Consmonaut : Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma

How a lady Jagriti singh can be such cruel

Hello Friends, Today i am gonna talk about a lady who crosses all her limits of anger and did a unexpected thing in his life,which a lady hardly does in her life. Friends,we know ladies as symbol of beauty,coolness,calmness,responsibleness,helpfulness and kindness.They also show their anger but they do it in non-violent or talkative way. But recently,wife of a BSP MLA Dhananjay singh just proved all these symbols as fake statement.The name of this cruel wife is Jagriti Singh and she is now behind the jail for murdering her maid Rekha Bhadra. Recent investigation of Police is showing,she used to torcher her servants daily for any reason and beat them in a very cruel manner.She beat her servants with rods, wooden bamboo and other stuffs.She also used to watch her under 18 male servant in bathroom by a hidden camera.She also did the shameful work by forcing her servants to drink urine and also there is news that when she tired of beating her servants then she used to give them

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