Friday, August 9, 2013

Review of Dynamic view template of Blogger

Today i want to share my experience on one of the template i.e.,dynamic view of Blogger powered by google.
Dynamic view is one of the newest template of Blogger and Google is highly recommending this template for the bloggers but i just want to share that this template really needs some immediate improvement by which it can be adopted by more people.

Some of the disadvantages of Dynamic views are:
1.It takes quite more time than other template of blogger.

2.Google adsense and other advertising network can't work in this template.If you have to show ads then you have to put ad code within the post.

3.Quite less graphic used in this template.

4.In mobile version specially in androids,this version totally fails.You can't read even a single post by using android mobiles.
If you want to experience this in your mobile(android),Just click here.

Some of the advantages of this template:
1.It gives different type of views within the template.

2.It gives quite similar look to wordpress site.

3.It gives more pageviews for your blogger website.

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  1. Yes good post,it also doesn't fit to my mobile device also.